The weather is miserable and I just watched a terrible show. Let's go.
A new Chat feature, road trip!, hanging with some writers, a Letterboxd question, a different kind of March Madness and other incredibly amazing shit!
"EO," a wrap and endorsement of "Giri/Haji," thoughts on Oscar "losers," one final thought on "The Last Of Us," what's your "weather woes" go-to…
The next "Box Set" is coming, should we chat during the rain/snow, tweaks to the Machine and a weird experiment, possibly.
The French-British thriller on Apple TV+ gets the Two Episode Test.
The Amazon Prime series based on the bestselling book gets the Two Episode Test.
"The Last Of Us" slides; why you should watch "Giri/Haji," the tyranny of the after-show, the glory of "unendurable English," the joy of vomit & shit…
A perfect choice for going in knowing nothing about a film; also a perfect film for talking about the role of criticism. Oh, and it's Oscar nominated…
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