The weather is miserable and I just watched a terrible show. Let's go.
A new Chat feature, road trip!, hanging with some writers, a Letterboxd question, a different kind of March Madness and other incredibly amazing shit!
"EO," a wrap and endorsement of "Giri/Haji," thoughts on Oscar "losers," one final thought on "The Last Of Us," what's your "weather woes" go-to…
The next "Box Set" is coming, should we chat during the rain/snow, tweaks to the Machine and a weird experiment, possibly.
The French-British thriller on Apple TV+ gets the Two Episode Test.
The Amazon Prime series based on the bestselling book gets the Two Episode Test.
"The Last Of Us" slides; why you should watch "Giri/Haji," the tyranny of the after-show, the glory of "unendurable English," the joy of vomit & shit…
A perfect choice for going in knowing nothing about a film; also a perfect film for talking about the role of criticism. Oh, and it's Oscar nominated…

February 2023

"Giri/Haji," "Wakanda Forever," saying no to a golf documentary, drugs, fires, snow in California (and Portland), wine, music.
The emotive power of a small film.
Thoughts on "Top Gun: Maverick," plus how writers are worrying about the AI bogeyman coming for us. Or are they excited? What's worse?
Thoughts on everything, including laughing vs. crying, critic bias ("Only Murders In the Building"), how I found a better ending, how change is hard…